Juicy Brucey

Juicey Brucey played lead guitar in The Bicycle Thiefs, a Chapel Hill band we put together along with Mike D (bass), Travis Cohn & Robert Byrd (drums). [I’ll try and upload some BTs at a later posting…] We rocked. Everybody whos played music knows one ‘natural’ who can pick up songs easily and makes it look effortless as they hit all the sweety notes in a solo while still surprising the hell out of you. That’s Juicey all over. And we’ve kept in touch as our lives have grown to include more of kids and jobs and payments. He’s now living a couple of hours away and everytime we chat on the phone we make plans to get together and play some music. I’ve been pretty spotty on the follow through, though.

I talked to JB a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been thinking of him frequently since and missing playing with such a groovy talented soul. OK, that’s one of my 2017 resolutions: play some tunes with Juicey Brucey! I wish everybody could have something so sweet to look forward to. I love you Juicey!

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