Help Each Other, To Serve the Earth

First some appreciation for the oak tree. It gives food and fuel and habitat and cleans the air. I’ve just been gathering acorns. We’re bound to the oak tree in a million billion different ways, most of which we have no idea about. Closer to family, like kin.

For me, the Tao Te Ching isn’t a sacred text, but a pointer to an awareness of deep connection. Fundamental connections between all beings and the Earth as a whole. The Earth is alive and — apart from reproduction perhaps – has close analogs to our own bodily functions: The breathing of the atmosphere, the circulation of waters, the delicate webs of life that mirror the complexities of human physiological responses.

Suppose we are all part of the same living earth. And suppose humans are the nervous system of this earth being. We need a radical course correction because we’re acting bonkers. We need to get more grounded and more in touch with our deep purpose. Most any meditation practice is a good first step. I teach The Gentle Movement, a breath-walking meditation. Easy to do either standing or walking, in the grocery store, waiting in line, in stealth mode. It could very well be what we need to be grounded in our deep purpose: helping each other and serving the earth.

Derived from transcript of YouTube video, TaoSong 11, Intro to TGM, TaoSong 12

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