We Need a New Political Party

We need a new political party, for sure.

A party that has a priority focus on keeping the Earth healthy and safe. A party that fundamentally challenges and changes the way humans interact with the terrestrial environment.

A party that does this — while also maximizing personal freedoms — is needed.

Adapted from Tao and Politics

One thought on “We Need a New Political Party”

  1. I agree. The environment is always my primary concern and freedom my second. However, I think people will misunderstand you if you don’t define freedom. Freedom is not having to be politically correct to avoid cancel culture or worse. On the other hand, freedom is not the right to self-gratification. Freedom is the right of every person to a job, a safe place to live, and a quality education for their children. Freedom is the right for every person to be able to afford medicine. Freedom is when the state defends you from murderers instead of defending murderers when they happen to wear a badge. If one person isn’t free of poverty, sickness, and violence, than no one is free.

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